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More exciting news for the website!
 towriteletters - (thebipolarcat)
03:05pm 20/03/2008
While digging around on Yahoo (my web hosting service provider of choice), I discovered that not only does Wordpress blogging have the ability to be completely integrated within the website, but the blog can also have multiple users. For example, each of us could have a username and profile under the blog for commenting. Even better, there is the option for me to allow some users posting access to the blog!

Originally, I was going to go with Blogger, but then decided I might use Wordpress. Because of these exciting features, my mind is made up.

That being said, I created a poll to see how many of us would like to be able to post to the blog. In the next week or so I will be looking for people willing to post to the blog about certain topics (think of our blog as a sort of webzine, where we each get our chance to be heard about something). More information on this will be coming up, provided that there is an interest.

So, without further adieu, the poll!

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