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Happy First Birthday, Letters of Love!
 towriteletters - (thebipolarcat)
03:04pm 14/02/2009
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<img src="http://lettersoflove.net/images/lolfirstbday_300x250.jpg" align="right" alt="Happy First Birthday, Letters of Love! /> Today marks one year since Letters of Love began. It's been a year since I created that tiny little LiveJournal community. I didn't expect anything of it. I didn't expect anyone to reply to the <a href="http://community.livejournal.com/towriteletters/350.html" target="_new" title="LiveJournal">very first post</a> I wrote, asking for a pen pal. I wrote it late the night before, and when I checked it the next day I was shocked to see a response from a girl named Tyler. Three days later, Jaclyn replied. I had two pen pals!

The requests started pouring in. I wrote daily blogs on the LJ community. It soon became apparent that we needed a MySpace.

In the last <a href=http://blogs.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.viewcustom&friendID=334498219&blogID=460699347&swapped=true>year</a>, we have accomplished more than I ever thought possible.

Today is also Valentine's Day. V-Day doesn't have to be about hearts and flowers. We can use this day to <a href="http://lettersoflove.net/chain-letters/valentines-greeting-card-challenge/" target="_new" title="MySpace">tell the people we care about how much we appreciate them</a>.

I sent out Valentines this morning to all of my pen pals and people who have helped make Letters of Love an amazing project, but I want to thank everyone who has been a part of this. This first year has been an amazing journey, and it wasn't always easy, but we did it.

Here's to another amazing year of Letters of Love!
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Happy New Year!
 towriteletters - (thebipolarcat)
08:05pm 01/01/2009
2008 was an awesome year.

Letters of Love started on Valentine's Day 2008, as a small LiveJournal community. Shortly after that we created a MySpace account, hoping to reach out to more people.

It quickly became clear that we needed something more, a central place for everyone to gather. The official Letters of Love website was launched in April 2008. With the birth of lettersoflove.net came Scars Can Speak, the official blog of Letters of Love for people of all ages to share their experiences with depression, self-injury, and addiction.

By the summer, Letters of Love was growing steadily. I had more pen pals than I could count, and my pen pals had pen pals. We were doing several chain letters. I did a radio show for Rising Above Radio and talked about Letters of Love.

We started Tweeting with new and old friends on Twitter. Just before Thanksgiving our MySpace won best link of the day on OpenZap.com. On the same day, we found out that we were added to MySpace's Impact Directory.

By December 2008, we had run several contests and were busy promoting our Greeting Card Challenge. We were awarded the Message in a Bottle Award by Wendy of passionforletters.com. We also created a group on Facebook and a Tumblr page.

Since February 14th 2008, we've formed lasting friendships. I've had the opportunity to share my story and to hear others' stories. I've watched an idea grow into a community -- a family. We've accomplished a lot in less than a year, but we have a long way to go. We have more people to reach out to, more people to exchange letters with. We need to promote more awareness of depression, self-injury and addiction. We have a lot of work to do.

Thank you for being a part of this, for helping us achieve these accomplishments.

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got some letters to write. (:
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 towriteletters - (thebipolarcat)
10:43pm 23/04/2008
LETTERSOFLOVE. net is almost finished! (: Go check it out!

Our blog, Scars Can Speak, is filling quickly with content from our Authors. The Community is missing our logo but will get a face lift soon.

Bugs so far are:
1. Page header (masthead and navigation) and right sidebar do not show on blog post pages
2. Right sidebar sometimes doesn't show on home page.

I am working hard to get these resolved as quickly as possible. (:

Pages that will be added in the next couple of days are:
1. Goals Chain Letter
2. Request a Letter
3. Pen Pals Address Book

If you notice any bugs or errors, please send me an email at elizabeth@lettersoflove.net, with the page name and a short description of the problem.

To comment on the blog, just click register on the left hand side when the page first loads. Fill out the form and you'll be able to comment right away. (Authors: You do not have to register.)

Okay, I am going to finish up and go to bed! (Yay!) Enjoy the site and let me know what you think!


PS: We will no longer be using this community. Please use the website and forums from this point on. (:
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Website under maintenance..
 towriteletters - (thebipolarcat)
11:20pm 16/04/2008
The website will be under password-protected maintenance while I install, set up and customize the blog. Once that is finished, the website will be viewable once again. This also includes the community and its forums.

In the meantime, please use the MySpace account (http://myspace.com/letters_of_love), the MySpace group (http://groups.myspace.com/writelettersoflove) and Lj (http://community.livejournal.com/towriteletters). I will post another update as soon as the website is publicly available again.

If you have any questions or need anything, please send me an email at elizabeth@lettersoflove.net. Thanks and have a great night!
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Name Our Blog! Contest
 towriteletters - (thebipolarcat)
06:20pm 15/04/2008
Finally, the day has come! Between today and tomorrow at 11:59pm we will vote on our favorite blog names. The results will not be viewable to anyone until the poll closes. The winner will be announced on Thursday, after which the blog will be christened with the winning name.

How is the winner chosen? Easy: the name with the most votes snags the win. Each voter can only vote once. The names of the person who submitted each potential blog name have been kept anonymous. If you submitted a name, you can technically vote for yourself but check out the other names first. (: There are a lot of good ones.

All right, enough of my dribble :D Without further adieu, our poll!

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More exciting news for the website!
 towriteletters - (thebipolarcat)
03:05pm 20/03/2008
While digging around on Yahoo (my web hosting service provider of choice), I discovered that not only does Wordpress blogging have the ability to be completely integrated within the website, but the blog can also have multiple users. For example, each of us could have a username and profile under the blog for commenting. Even better, there is the option for me to allow some users posting access to the blog!

Originally, I was going to go with Blogger, but then decided I might use Wordpress. Because of these exciting features, my mind is made up.

That being said, I created a poll to see how many of us would like to be able to post to the blog. In the next week or so I will be looking for people willing to post to the blog about certain topics (think of our blog as a sort of webzine, where we each get our chance to be heard about something). More information on this will be coming up, provided that there is an interest.

So, without further adieu, the poll!

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Letters of Love and... roleplaying?
 towriteletters - (thebipolarcat)
08:46pm 19/03/2008
One of my favorite things has always been to roleplay, specifically in play-by-post games. During really bad days, it gave me two positive ways to deal: 1) I got out of my own head and into a characters' that I had made up and 2) I got to write. Actually, writing has always done both of those things for me.

Roleplaying is when you pretend to be someone--and sometimes something--else. My first roleplaying game (or RPG for short) was set in a jungle populated mostly by wolves and foxes. The two species were at war, and it was a hell of a lot of fun to play alongside other people (especially the ones who played the bad guys--they were just so damn good at it!). Play-by-post means that you roleplay in a forum, instant message or email, roleplaying post by post. For example, in that wolf RPG, I played a wolf named Silver. I might write about how Silver had just come into the jungle and was heavy with pups and needed a place to stay. Someone interested in having their character interact with mine might write back, about their character Blacknose approaching Silver and asking her if she would like to stay in his den until her pups were born and ready to live outside of a den.

It's sort of a childish example, but the game (called Animal Jungle--it was played in a forum with tons of users) turned me on to bigger and better things. I and a group of friends started a game set in NYC when we were in 8th grade. Our characters were all college students, because back then we thought college life was like being a celebrity. (Of course, I know now that there's more studying than glamor involved, but hey.) From there I started a game with my sister based all around a "really popular" night club. There were three of us roleplaying, and it was great. I've run and played in other countless games since then, and it's always been a great escape. (Admittedly, sometimes it gets a little too distracting--say, when I should be sleeping.)

There is a point to this, I swear!

Since the website is going to have a forum, I was thinking that it might be really cool if we did an RPG. We could even just set a section apart for various RPGs. I think it would be a great way for us to interact, and like I said it serves as a great way to escape. Plus, I know there are a lot of us who are writers, and play-by-post RPGs involve a lot of writing.

So of course I made a poll. (: Let me know if you're down, and if you have any ideas for possible games.

Edited at 8:58 pm: Just for hahas, I Googled "Animal Jungle" and discovered that it still exists. Just brings me right back to childhood.. (I started rping--roleplaying--there when I was eleven!) :D
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 towriteletters - (thebipolarcat)
01:52pm 16/03/2008
This community is now friends only. I would like to maintain this community on Lj for as long as possible--at least until the end of March/early April when I get our website up and running. Until then, I do not wish to contribute to SUP's economy. That being said, this community is now friends only. Anyone who wants to be involved must simply just join in order to read the entries here, and all posts must be made friends only.

If you have made a post and have not already done so, please set it to friends only. I cannot edit any of your entries, so you will have to do this yourselves. To do this, click edit on the entry you wish to change and where it says Show this entry to:, choose 'Friends' from the drop-down list.

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~~~Hi everyone~~~
 towriteletters - (skk2905)
03:59pm 15/02/2008
So I am hopeing everyone had an awesome! Valentines day rather it was spent with a significant other... or with friends, or just by yourself appreciating all the great things you have to give :) I hope that you all are having a good day today... and remember tomorrow is antoher day!!! :)


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(no subject)
 towriteletters - (ghfreedom)
02:50pm 15/02/2008
starbucks_and_obsessive_poetry posting in Letters of Love
Hey guys!

This group is amazing and I'm so glad I found it -- Kudos to the brilliant and kind-hearted person who thought of it!

My name is Lauren and I'm 18 years old. Though I don't do it anymore, I used to cut myself and know the addiction quite well. Finding out about To Write Love on Her Arms has made me realize that my darker past can now help me to help those who need it and I now want to be there to talk to anyone who is battling what I went through two years ago.

My email address is greenpoetry@excite.com. Don't be shy! I love talking to anyone and trust me, I can relate to you all.

Looking forward to your letters!
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